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Arati and Machogu fired at each other, with the governor trolling the Education CS for losing in the Kisii governorship race in 2022.

Kisii governor Simba Arati shared stage Education CS Ezekiel Machogu, his one-time political nemesis, during a funeral on Friday,  February 9.

They were gracing the send-off deceased Kisii Polytechnic chief principal Daniel Nyariki.

The county boss accused Machogu of leveraging his power as a state official to trouble his presumed political rivals.

Arati stated that he routed the CS in the Kisii gubernatorial vote and that it was President William Ruto who came to the latter's rescue through his appointment to the Cabinet.

The governor dared Machogu to another duel in 2027.

"He (Machogu) is making a lot of noise yet it is President William Ruto who sympathised with him. I defeated him early in the morning. We should thank the president for comforting him with an appointment. If he wants let's meet in 2027," said Arati.

Kisii governor Simba Arati was among the ranking leaders attending the burial of the deceased Kisii National Polytechnic chief principal Daniel Nyariki.

In his rebuttal, Machogu blasted Arati for advancing maladministration in the county.

"We don't want noise in Kisii. As elders, we have witnessed so much nonsense in Kisii. We will not allow it to continue," died Machogu.

At the same time, the governor took on the Kisii county commissioner whom he accused of being used to settle political scores.

Arati warned that he would not sit back and watch the county's top administrator wedging wars on others for political ends.

"Let me tell you Mt County Commissioner, do the work assigned to you. Stop the intimidation. Else you can go to your home and ask for votes from your people before you can come here to intimidate us," stated Arati.