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"Many people misunderstand Gachagua when he puts on a stony face, but he is a good father and a warm husband." 

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi on Wednesday, February 28 penned a heartwarming message to the husband and Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua. 

 While leading her staff in celebrating the Deputy President's birthday, she celebrated Gachagua for being a good father and a 'warm' husband.

“Happy Birthday to my extraordinary man, husband, companion and friend. You are the pillar and a covering of our family. You take everything in stride and are truthful to a fault. Kevin, Keith, and I celebrate the wonderful gift of your life.

"You are the best father and a husband. May the Lord grant you favor, long life, and overflowing blessings. May He fulfill every desire of your heart. With all my love, Dorcas," part of her message read. 

The family of DP Rigathi Gachagua. 

Pastor Dorcas disclosed that many people misunderstood Gachagua when he put on a 'stony' face but maintained he is a good leader and husband. 

“I have a good husband, he is good to my two sons as a father, and he is a good leader who works tirelessly. Many people misunderstand him when he puts on a stony face, but he is a good father, a warm husband, and a great leader where he stands.

“When he is in his natural habitat and environment many people do not even know if he is the same one that people speak about out there. He is a great man, he is a man who loves God, a man who loves to serve people and he serves them with dedication," she stated. 

The Deputy President is celebrating his 59th birthday today. 

Pastor Dorcas Rigathi