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The two accompanied a group of locals where they destroyed creates of alcoholic beverages valued at Ksh6 million. 

Nyeri Senator Wahome Wamatinga and Mathira Member of Parliament Eric Wamumbi are staring at a legal battle after raiding a company and destroying a liquor store. 

Patiala Distillers K Limited, the manufacturer of Fly Horse Gin and Diamond Ice alcoholic drinks has announced that it will sue the two lawmakers who on February 26, accompanied a group of locals to the Mathira East Deputy County Commissioner’s office, where they destroyed creates of alcoholic beverages valued at Ksh6 million. 

Through lawmaker Danstan Omari, the company noted the lawmakers tarnished its brand without providing any circumstantial evidence to justify their actions.

"We shall be suing for defamation two legislators and injured the brands of our client for malicious damage to property," Omari stated.

File image of Nyeri Senator Wahome Wamatinga. PHOTO | COURTESY

“It is equally evident that the Mathira lawmaker, Hon Eric Wamumbi and the Nyeri Senator Hon. Wahome Wamatinga exploited law enforcement officers to destroy property in lawful custody, against our client's interests, actions which have instilled immense fear for loss to our client and the many Kenyans who depend on the company as a source of livelihood,” he added.

In their statement, the company explained that it distributed 400 crates of 'Diamond Ice’ and 1,000 cartons of 'Flying Horse' alcohol brands to a licensed distributor in the region. 

In a letter to IPOA, the distiller adds that the alcohol was then confiscated by the Deputy County Commissioner (DCC) on February 21, on grounds that it was unfit for human consumption. 

Following the action, the company asked IPOA to investigate police officers who allegedly supervised the destruction of the alcohol brands.

However, Nyeri Senator in a different statement claimed that KEBS had suspended the production of the three brands destroyed during the raid.