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The 36-year-old was found busy in one of the Malindi Sub-County Hospital wards treating patients.

A man masquerading as a medical doctor is being detained in Malindi after being busted treating patients.

Identified as Mecha Okechi, the fake practitioner was caught in one of the wards of the Malindi Sub-County Hospital.

Suspecting staff who spotted him reported to the facility's management who in turn informed the local law enforcers.

He was immediately arrested and upon interrogation, he was found not to be in possession of any qualifications needed of a doctor.

Mecha was also found to be devoid of legal documents as proof that he is certified to work as a doctor.

"We found a con fleecing the unsuspecting members of the public using the hospital name. He was claiming to be a doctor but after interrogation, we learned he was not trained to be a practitioner," said David Mang'ong'o, the hospital's superintendent.

According to the hospital, the man was receiving money from patients after presenting himself as a doctor.

Mecha Okechi, 36, is set to face charges after masquerading as a doctor in Malindi.

The hospital urged the patients seeking services in it to only use the electronic systems when making payments while receiving medical services.

Elsewhere, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) detectives recently arrested fake lawyer Boniface Kirima in Nakuru over claims of conning his clients millions of shillings.

Nakuru Police Commander Mohammed Wako said they found a charge sheet on the suspect which indicated he had previously been charged over obtaining money under pretence.

She also mentioned that they discovered title deeds dating back to 2016 with some of them being fake.

The arrest was part of the ongoing crackdown by LSK on quack lawyers in the country. More than thirty fake lawyers have been since the crackdown kicked off.