Editor's Review

"Our unity is our strength, never again will we be divided," DP Gachagua. 

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has emphasised the need for Mt Kenya to remain united for increased development of the region under President Ruto's administration.

Speaking on Saturday at ACK Good Samaritan Nyangwa Church, Mbeere South Constituency, Embu County where he held a fundraiser for the completion of the church, the DP said the region's strength is its unity.

"From 2002 when we have been united we have benefitted from the government because of our unity. We must not be divided because that will be our downfall," remarked Gachagua.

The Deputy President noted that when Mt Kenya was divided, the region suffered for a long time. 

"Our unity is our strength. Never again will we be divided along the subregions because we suffered for a long time when that happened," Mr Gachagua asserted.

DP Gachagua in Embu County. 

Embu leaders led by Governor Cecily Mbarire assured Gachagua of their support. 

"We shall support you because you have fully supported the people of Embu. You have always stood with us," Governor Mbarire said. 

Mbeere North MP Geoffrey Ruku stated that the Deputy President should be respected for his commitment in fighting for the best interests of the region.

"The Deputy President is our leader and must be respected for bringing together the region," the MP said.