Editor's Review

The militants were to establish an Al Shabaab base in Fafi when they were intercepted.

Five militants attached to the Somali terror group Al Shabaab were killed in an attack mounted against them by Kenyas Special Forces (SOG).

Counter Terrorism Policing reported that the militants were en route to Fafi when they were intercepted.

Four others were detained for interrogations to provide more information on their activities in the northeastern part of Kenya.

The Kenyan forces sophisticated firearms and other explosives that the fighters were armed with.

The militants were headed to Fafi, Garissa.

Recovered were 2 PK machine guns, 1 RPM, 6 AK-47 riffles and several Improvised Explosive Devices (IEDs) making materials.

Also recovered from the men were mobile phones and SIM cards that would help the investigators with the leads to the local Al Shabaab facilitation networks.

According to SOG, the militants' mission in Fafi was to establish a temporary base within Garissa County.

The SOG Officers acted on tips from the members of the public whom they thanked for the continued partnership to fight terrorism.