Editor's Review

The president promised to add more money to the offer should the church need it.

President William Ruto has promised KSh 50 million to the Salvation Army Church for its internal projects.

Speaking during the church's centenary celebrations on Sunday, March 3, the president revealed the leadership of the church had sought his audience for long without success.

He said he was aware of the matter they wanted to discuss with him, scheduling a meeting with them on Monday, March 4.

President William Ruto addressing the faithful of the Salvation Army Church at Ulinzi Grounds on Sunday, March 3.

However, even before the meeting, he pledged Sh 50 million for the church's works.

He promised to top up the cash if the need arises.

"I had a request for a meeting with your leaders but I had another meeting in UNEP, so we could not meet. But I knew we would meet today because in my diary I knew I would be here. But because I believe in the Holy Spirit, I already knew what your leaders wanted me for. 

I already have the information. I must say I already read the letter while still in the envelope. So I will create time and meet you. But since I know what the agenda is, I have agreed that I will give Sh 50 million to facilitate the work. If more will be needed they will tell me tomorrow," said Ruto.