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According to the report two officers; one attached to a politician and another from Kapenguria were nabbed.

Two police officers are among six people arrested in connection with the kidnapping and ordering a businessman to withdraw money from all his accounts. 

According to a police report, a Narok businessman was waylaid at around 12:57 pm after visiting his friend. He was blocked by a Toyota RAV4 and a Toyota Oxio.

Seven men alighted from the two cars and introduced themselves as police officers. 

"They were armed with 3 pistols. He was handcuffed and ordered to board a RAV 4 motor vehicle after his two mobile phones were confiscated," the police report read in part.

"Two men boarded his motor vehicle and all the three vehicles were driven towards Bomet via Kaprong direction," it added.

File image of a crime scene being processed. PHOTO | COURTESY

The RAV 4 driver stopped at the Riva petrol station and one of his confiscated phones was returned to him to pay for the petrol. In the process, he managed to disable his motor vehicle engine using the car track mobile application. 

It stopped on the main road prompting the occupants to flee from the scene and it was later towed to Bomet police station.

However, that did not distract their mission. The businessman was allegedly taken to the Kiptagich area, Mau forest where he was ordered to transfer all his money from his bank account to his mobile phone account for easier withdrawal. 

"He had a total of Kenya shillings 131, 000/= which he deposited to his mobile account. He was also ordered to call his friends and relatives which he did and received 25,000/=, all tatolling to Kenya shillings 156,000=. They then drove to a nearby Mpesa shop, called the attendant, and ordered the reportee to withdraw the money from his Mpesa which he did," the report disclosed.

After emptying his accounts, the businessman was dumped in the area. He boarded a motorbike and immediately filed a report at Litein.

Following investigations, six suspects were arrested in connection with the robbery incident. According to the report two officers; one attached to a politician and another from Kapenguria were nabbed.

"So far six suspects have been arrested, arraigned in Kericho court, pleaded not guilty, and given a bond of Kenya shillings One million plus two sureties."