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The lawyer accused the county government of seeking Sh 500 million bribe from him.

There were fireworks on X (formerly Twitter), where Nairobi Governor Johnson Sakaja and renowned lawyer Donald Kipkorir took on each other. 

On Friday, April 19, the attorney sensationally claimed that City Hall had demanded hefty bribes from him before the county government would pay his dues.

The lawyer seeks a Sh 1 billion payout from the county as legal fees.

He claimed that the County Assembly Budget Committee, together with the governor, called asking him to give up 50% of what was owed to him.

"They wanted to approve all my payments if I give them 50% of the sums I am owed. I told them my fees were in accordance with The Advocates (Remuneration) Order and decreed by the Court and that I wouldn’t pay a bribe," claimed Kipkorir.

Lawyer Donald Kipkorir.

The lawyer went on to disparage Sakaja, whom he accused of entrenching corruption in the county, stating that the city-county was on the brink of collapsing under Sakaja's tenure.

But being the one who would not be easily dragged in such a serious matter, the governor responded.

Sakaja declined having called the lawyer to negotiate his bills, accusing him instead of being bitter and corrupt.

According to Sakaja, Kipkorir had fraudulently bloated his legal fees perhaps to fleece the county.

The county boss was categorical that his administration would not settle the amount.

"Who called you? Be specific. I have never spoken to you on your fees, nor have I ever sent anyone to you. If anything, I have resisted your overtures. It's unfathomable that one lawyer wants to be paid more than KSh 1 billion for a matter between governments. We will continue to challenge it. You are the corrupt one and bitter because you will not be paid that amount," fired Sakaja.

Not the one to be subdued, Kipkorir insisted the amount would be paid, irrespective of the governor's declaration.

The lawyer stated that his fees were legally computed, adding that they were consummate with the services he rendered to the county government.

He said he would not give in to the 50% demand by the county, adding that he forwarded the matter to the Ethics and Anti-Corruption Commission (EACC).

"Call logs will show your people called me from Naivasha. I never called them … I have a date with Twalib Mbarak, the EACC CEO. Had you gone to University, you would have understood that legal fees in Kenya are regulated by law and computation is done by Deputy Registrars called Taxing Masters. Even if you bribe Judicial Officers, you will waste your money as the computation of legal fees is arithmetic and not guesswork! The law will pay me whether you like it or not. I will not pay you a 50% or 1% bribe," fired Kipkorir.

The lawyer was awarded the whooping amount by a court in 2022 after he successfully defended the Nairobi City County against the Ministry of Defence in a land tussle.

The Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) had been accused of forcibly acquiring the land on which the Embakasi Barracks sit.