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The survey was conducted between  February 24, 2024, and March 4, 2024. 

The Media Council of Kenya (MCK) State of the Media Report 2023/2024 has ranked Nairobileo.co.ke among the most visited news websites in Kenya.

In the survey released on Thursday, May 2, Tuko was ranked the most visited website with 13 percent, followed by Citizen Digital in second place with 9 percent and Mpasho in third place with 7 percent.

Standardmedia.co.ke, National Africa, Kenyans.co.ke, the Star, and Ghafla tied for fourth place with 3 percent each.

They were closely followed by Nairobileo.co.ke, Pulselive, and Kenya moja with 2 per cent.

Opera News, elephant.info, and Phoenix News rounded off the most visited news sites with 1 percent and 0.3 percent respectively.

The MCK survey also ranked Nairobileo.co.ke among the most popular news websites in Kenya with 3 percent.

A screengrab image of favourite news websites in Kenya

In terms of television viewership, Citizen TV emerged as the most-watched television station in the week preceding the survey with a substantial 35% viewership, followed by NTV with 11% and KTN Home with 8%.

KTN News, K24 and KBC were tied for fourth place with an audience share of 7% each.

The report ranked Inooro TV fifth with 6 percent, TV47 sixth with 5 percent, and Ramogi TV and Maisha Magic seventh with 3 percent.

In radio, the survey ranked Radio Citizen as the most listened to station with 22 percent, followed by Radio Jambo and Radio Maisha with 14 percent and 11 percent respectively.

Milele FM came fourth with 6 percent, closely followed by Radio 47, Inooro FM, and Classic 105 with 5 percent each.

The survey was conducted between  February 24, 2024, and March 4, 2024, using Computer Assisted Telephone Interviewing (CATI) and Computer Assisted Personal Interviewing (CAPI).

The survey covered all 47 counties in the 8 regions of Kenya.