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Machogu further tasked the field officers to develop mitigation measures for schools currently affected by floods.

Education Cabinet Secretary Ezekiel Machogu has issued fresh directive over the planned reopening of schools slated for Monday, April 6.

In a circular released on Friday, May 3, Machogu spelt out measures to ensure the safety of learners, teachers and other staff in various learning institutions.

Machogu has tasked parents of students especially those in day schools to ensure that their kids report safely to schools due to the effects of floods.

"The prevailing weather conditions pose accessibility challenges due to flash floods, swollen rivers and landslides thus affecting the transport system for learners to and from school. Parents are, therefore, required to ensure that their children safely report to school on time," Machogu stated.

File image of Education CS Ezekiel Machogu. PHOTO | COURTESY

The Education CS also asked field officers to liaise with various administrative officers to find alternative places for people currently housed at various schools.

Machogu further tasked the field officers to develop mitigation measures for schools currently affected by floods.

"Reports indicate that the ongoing rains have caused flooding in some institutions thus causing damage to infrastructure, sanitation facilities and destruction of learning and teaching materials. Field education officers are hereby asked to come up with mitigation measures so that learning in these institutions in not disrupted," Machogu remarked.

Machogu however advised the board of management to keep schools closed where the situation is dire.

"Where it is impossible to continue learning in the most severely affected institutions, Boards of Management (BOMs) are advised to temporarily keep the school(s) closed until the situation improves. In the meantime, the management of these schools should come up with strategies to recover lost time when learning resumes," he added.

In other measures, Machogu barred school heads from hosting students in buildings which pose a risk to their wellbeing.

"All Boards of Management (BoMs) of schools are directed to convene meetings and submit reports to the CEB regarding the status of their respective schools. These reports should detail any damages incurred due to the adverse conditions and outline mitigation measures to ensure conducive learning environment. These reports be submitted by May 8th, 2024," Machogu announced.

The reports will give the ministry valuable information to determine the fate of learning activities.