Editor's Review

"The demand over the last two days has been overwhelming."

Kenya Railways has broken silence following social media reports alleging that some students were made to sit on the floor. 

In a statement on Monday, May 13, Kenya Railways said it had received overwhelming demand for passenger services after the government announced the re-opening of schools.

“We wish to inform members of the public that following the announcement by the Government on the reopening of primary and secondary schools, the Corporation has received an overwhelming demand for passenger services between Sunday, May 12th and Monday, May 13th, 2024, including students wishing to travel back to school in time for reopening,” read the statement in part.

The corporation noted that it had introduced additional economy and first-class coaches to accommodate the overwhelming number of students who had booked early. 

File image of an SGR train. 

“The Corporation further wishes to advise the public that we had already introduced additional coaches in both economy and first class to accommodate the students who had booked earlier before the postponement of the school opening dates.

"However, the demand over the last two days has been overwhelming,” Kenya Railways added.

Further, the corporation assured the public that no passengers, including students, would be left behind and that all students would arrive safely at their various destinations.

The statement comes after reports merged on social media that some students traveling from Mombasa to Nairobi with postponed tickets were allegedly made to give up their spots and sit on the floor. 

On April 29, Kenya Railways announced the extension of the Madaraka Express tickets purchased by parents for students to travel back to school.

The corporation noted that the ticket extension will only apply to students and their accompanying guardians.