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"This is why I will not lie to the people of Mt Kenya region about one man one vote one shilling," CS Kuria. 

Public Service Cabinet Secretary Moses Kuria has rekindled his fallout with Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua after the latter endorsed the one-man-one-shilling formula in the allocation of funds to the counties.   

In a statement via Facebook on Monday, May 13, Kuria said that if Mt Kenya wanted the One-Man-One-Vote-One-Shilling Formula, they would have implemented it since they had a sitting President and nine Cabinet members. 

He appeared to take a swipe at his Boss Gachagua claiming he would not lie to his Mt Kenya region people. 

"This is why I will not lie to the people of Mt Kenya region about one man one vote one shilling. Our region has produced the sitting Deputy President, 9 Cabinet members (Including AG, National Treasury, and Secretary to the Cabinet), Majority Leader, Chair Budget and Chair Finance In the National Assembly, Deputy Speaker, and Deputy Majority Leader in the Senate.

"What other powers would we be looking for? We are a Government and we can implement One Man, One Vote, One Shilling by Friday if we are serious. Let us be honest with our people," Kuria stated. 

File Image of CS Moses Kuria. 

This comes hours after Gachagua announced that he would push for the adoption of the one-man-one-shilling formula to ensure equity and fairness in the allocation of funds to the counties.  

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According to the Deputy President, the formula is critical for development in the Mt Kenya region.

“In matters of revenue sharing, I am a believer, a proponent of one-man-one-vote-one-shilling. Resources are about the people. The whole issue of resources is about the people. The more you are, the more taxes you pay. It goes without saying, the more taxes you pay, the more you should get,” Gcahagua stated. 

He added," “We have no apologies to make. We want equality and equity. We want fairness in the sharing of revenue. We will be pushing that agenda not because we come from a region that has a high population but because it is the right thing to do."