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"As a nation and the Ministry of Transport, we have been severely affected by the floods."

Transport Cabinet Secretary Kipchumba Murkomen now says his ministry needs at least sh30 billion to repair critical infrastructure that was destroyed by floods across the country.

Speaking on Wednesday in Lamu while assessing the Lamu-Wito-Garsen-Gamba Road, CS Murkomen said the raging floods destroyed a number of roads and bridges in the country, disrupting the movement of people and goods.

He also noted that the disruption has also affected the movement of cargo from the Port of Lamu to neighboring countries.

"As a nation and the Ministry of Transport, we have been severely affected by the floods. We have lost critical infrastructure, especially roads and bridges. So far, we have undertaken stabilization efforts.

“However, upon validation of this stabilization, you will see that for the KeNHA, KeRRA, and KURA roads, the funds needed are significantly high to restore the infrastructure, estimates are ranging between sh25 billion and sh30 billion,’ said Murkomen.

 Lamu-Wito-Garsen-Gamba Road that was damaged by floods

The Transport CS mentioned that his ministry would hold discussions with the National Assembly to allocate the funds to rehabilitate the infrastructure.

CS Murkomen also said the government is exploring alternative routes to address the Lamu-Witu-Garsen road problem even as the ministry prepares to begin the restoration of critical infrastructure across the country.

He mentioned that the situation has been worsened by the spillover from the Seven Folks Dam upstream.

“We appreciate the private sector for providing the boats and for adhering to safety standards even as we look for a solution,” Murkomen added.