Editor's Review

DP Gachagua said that he had gradually healed following consistent prayers for the last one year. 

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has described himself as a peacemaker, explaining that his call for unity beginning with his home region Mount Kenya, is for the greater good of the Nation and its development.

Speaking on Sunday, June 2, in Buuri Constituency, Meru County, Gachagua defended his call for national forgiveness following a highly divisive 2022 General Election, saying such healing was the way for the country to progress. 

Citing his example, Gachagua disclosed that he was a bitter man before the 2022 General Election because of the challenges he faced. 

However, the Deputy President explained, that he had gradually healed following consistent prayers for the last one year and is ready to forgive those who persecuted him now that the elections are over. 

"I want to appeal to all leaders to embrace forgiveness, it is there in the Bible. I was badly wounded, humiliated, and persecuted before the elections. I came to office with bitterness but through prayers, and I thank my wife Pastor Dorcas over prayers, within one year I was a healed person. I have forgiven everybody who wronged me and I have asked everyone who I may have wronged to forgive me. There is nothing wrong with forgiving each other," remarked Gachagua. 

DP Rigathi Gachagua with his spouse Pastor Dorcas Rigathi and Governor Kawira Mwangaza in Meru County. 

He appealed to all leaders- irrespective of political affiliation- to embrace forgiveness and give peace a chance for the Nation to develop and progress. 

"With acrimony, no work will be done. Embrace unity of purpose so that you can join other regions and enhance relevance in national politics. There are issues that can't be pushed nationally but must start at the regional level," Gachagua explained. 

Gachagua pointed out that his decision to unite leaders and the people of Mount Kenya region following divisive campaigns in the 2022 General Election is to bring those who voted for Opposition to rally behind President William Ruto.

"On my unity agenda, it is not only for Mount Kenya region but the entire country. We will continue asking for unity on regions, counties, and the country," he said as he dismissed claims that the region would be isolated after over its unity.

The Deputy President added, "Those saying that calling for unity in the Mount Kenya region will lead to isolation, are wrong because unity is good for the country."