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“Agwambo, this is a message to you, please don’t come."

Azimio leader Raila Odinga has broken his silence after a number of young people led the 'occupy parliament' protests in Nairobi on Tuesday, June 18. 

In a post on X, the former Prime Minister thanked Kenyans who showed up in solidarity to exercise their democratic rights, particularly highlighting a young lady who had asked him to keep off the protests.

In a video, the lady asked the Azimio leader to stay at home because he was going to be represented on the streets by the young generation.

“Raila, this is a message to you, don’t come. Please stay at home. We saw your efforts and everything that you did for Kenya. We miss you but don’t come outside. Tunatoka on your behalf," the lady stated.

Replying to the lady, Raila said, "I'm a very proud father today! Hongera sana to the young lady and all those who bravely stood up for their rights!"

Raila Odinga.

The 'occupy parliament' protests were dominated by young people who stood up to confront law enforcement officers who tried to disperse them.

They took photos and recorded videos even inside police cells after some of them were arrested during the protests.

The protests were held to compel MPs to reject the Finance Bill 2024, which had proposals for increasing taxation.

Meanwhile, in a press conference on Tuesday evening, some of the proposals in the bill were dropped by the National Assembly Finance and Planning Committee, Azimio vowed to reject the bill in its entirety.

“As a coalition, we reject the entire bill and demand its total withdrawal,” National Assembly Minority Leader Opiyo Wandayi stated.