Editor's Review

Do not display opulence and arrogance to hungry people, address them with humility - Gachagua. 

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has asked Kenya Kwanza leaders to address concerns that the people have with President Ruto's administration.

Speaking in Bomet County on Sunday, June 30, the Deputy President called out leaders whom he said are displaying arrogance and opulence instead of working as per the manifesto of the Kenya Kwanza administration.

"We must address issues making Kenyans uncomfortable with our Administration. Do not display opulence and arrogance to hungry people. Address them with humility and dignity, not chest-thumping," remarked Gachagua. 

Addressing his relationship with his boss, Gachagua mentioned that he would support the Head of State until the end. 

"We are good friends; we have come from far together. We cannot allow intruders to come in between us (with the President). I will support him to the end," he said.

File Image of Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua in Bomet County. 

The Deputy President thanked President Ruto for listening to the people in rejecting the Finance Bill 2024, adding that public input is important in administration.

"These youth cannot be ignored by anybody because they are part of our nation. We must listen to them," the Deputy President said.

He urged MPs, to engage the people at the grassroots to understand their priorities better.