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"Once you call off your protests, our security agencies will be in a position to deal firmly with the criminal elements."

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua has asked the young people to call off planned peaceful protests to guard against infiltration by criminals whose mission is to cause mayhem in the country.

The Deputy President said the cessation of the protests would give room to security officers to crackdown on and deal firmly with criminals who Tuesday meted violence on other Kenyans, besides looting and destroying property.

Speaking in Laikipia County on Wednesday, July 3, Gachagua appealed to young people to call off the protests given that President William Ruto has acceded to their demands and dropped the Finance Bill 2024.

"Our country faces difficult moments and as the Deputy President and a leader in this country, I want to call for peace and calm. This is our only country. We have no other. I ask all Kenyans to make and observe peace and keep off violence," remarked Gachagua. 

Deputy President Rigathi Gachagua 

He explained that a mechanism for addressing their issues is being worked on and they should trust the process.

"Now that you have been heard, mechanism is being worked on on how the issues will be addressed. Once you call off your protests, our security agencies will be in a position to deal firmly and decisively with the criminal elements who have been breaking into shops and destroying properties," said the Deputy President. 

He continued; "To the Generation-Z, you spoke clearly and the message is home. What you started as peaceful protests has unfortunately been infiltrated and hijacked by criminals, who are looting and creating mayhem. I plead with you to call off the protests."

"The President has acceded to your pleas to be heard; you will be heard. As our children you owe this country peace. Please do not allow the criminals to take advantage of what you started in good faith with a message to the country to be infiltrated and hijacked and cause chaos and mayhem in the country."