Editor's Review

The Green Thinking Action Party (GTAP) has given President Ruto a checklist of eight actions he should take to regain the trust of Kenyans. 

The Green Thinking Action Party (GTAP) has given President William Ruto a checklist of eight actions he should undertake to regain the trust of the youths and Kenyans at large following the recent anti-government protests.

In a press statement on Monday, July 8, GTAP said the checklist was arrived at following consolations among the youths.

“In an era demanding unparalleled transparency and accountability, we, the youth of the Green Thinking Action Party (GTAP), present the Gen Z accountability checklist. Developed through extensive consultations among our peers who form the majority of our membership, this checklist embodies our collective vision for a fair and sustainable Kenya,” read the statement in part.

GTAP urged President Ruto to conduct a comprehensive Cabinet reshuffle, revise controversial government policies,  implement advanced transparency mechanisms, and initiate Genuine national dialogues.

The party also advised the Head of State to strengthen judicial independence and institutional reforms, launch targeted economic reforms, establish public accountability initiatives, and promote cultural change within the government.

File image of a past GTAP event at Bomas of Kenya. 

At the same time, the youthful part asked President Ruto establish a transparent online portal for real-time government budget and expenditure tracking m to hold bi-annual public accountability forums in each county and to mandate annual public asset declarations for all senior government officials.

To reduce wastage in government, the party asked the President to publish a comprehensive annual report on government expenditures, enforce a policy to limit official travel and hospitality expenses, and Implement budget cuts to reduce non-essential government spending by 30 percent.

Further, GTAP called on the President to increase allocations for public healthcare and education by at least 15 percent, reinstate and expand the national school feeding program, and initiate a recruitment drive to hire an additional 10,000 teachers and healthcare professionals. 

Additionally, the party asked President Ruto to establish a government accountability office, implement a public progress tracking system for all government projects, and host monthly public question-and-answer sessions with key government officials in order to enhance communication with Kenyans.