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A partly burnt human leg and other body parts were found in the boot of his car.

Police in Webuye East are holding a self-proclaimed clergyman after human body parts were found stashed in a carton in the boot of his car.

In a statement on Monday, July 8, the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) disclosed that the pastor, Levis Simiyu, had taken the vehicle to a carwash at a market in Bungoma before he got busted.

DCI stated that as one of the attendants at the carwash was doing final touches on the boot of the vehicle, he noticed a protruding human leg that was resting atop other parts.

"In the bizarre incident that stalled services at the carwash, the suspect identified as Levis Simiyu and a pastor at a local ministry in Ndivisi Ward took his Toyota Premio for body wash at the said spot, a moment before the puzzling discovery was made.

"It was when the service guy was making the final touches at the boot that he noticed a protruding human leg, partly burnt and resting atop other such parts. The young man abandoned his duty ready to retire early, until the petrol station manager took a gaze at the creepy box," DCI stated.

File image of police at a crime scene.

According to DCI, the manager then notified the police at Webuye Police Station of the incident before the clergyman could drive away.  

The officers arrived in time to apprehend him as investigations into the bizarre incident kicked off.

The retrieved body parts were taken to Webuye County Hospital morgue. 

"The suspect is in custody assisting with the investigation, and the recovered body parts have been taken to Webuye County Hospital morgue for preservation and further analysis," DCI stated.