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"Even protests that seem peaceful can turn violent at any moment."

The U.S. Embassy in Nairobi has warned American citizens over possible protests across multiple cities in the country on Thursday, July 11.

In an alert on Wednesday, July 10, the embassy noted that calls for protests continued in Kenya and urged U.S. citizens to be vigilant.

It added that even peaceful protests could turn violent at any time and urged citizens to monitor local media for information on road conditions before travelling.

"Calls for protests in Kenya are continuing, including for protestors to block major roads around the country on Thursday, July 11. Even protests that seem peaceful can turn violent at any moment. Traffic disruptions and delays can be expected," read part of the alert by the U.S. Embassy.

File image of the US Embassy.

Americans in Kenya were also advised to avoid crowds, keep doors locked and windows rolled up while in a vehicle, notify friends and family of their whereabouts and safety, review their personal security plans, and carry a copy of their U.S. passport with a current Kenyan visa.

Multiple foreign embassies in the country, including Russia and Ukraine, have previously issued travel advisories to their citizens due to the widespread protests that have hit the country.

The protests began after several Kenyans took to the streets to oppose the Finance Bill 2024 which was proposing an increase in taxation.

However, the protests later turned anti-government as they continued even after the bill was withdrawn by President William Ruto.