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Gusii Stadium to be Renamed to Simeon Nyachae Stadium - President Uhuru Kenyatta  

President Uhuru Kenyatta has announced that Gusii stadium will now be renamed after the late Simeon Nyachae. 

Speaking during the funeral service of the late Simon Nyachae on Monday, the Head of State added that the Government would allocate Ksh 150 Million for the upgrade and completion of the stadium.

"In his memory and to fortify our appreciation for this great son of Kenya, as a govt we have considered it fit to rename this stadium (Gusii Stadium) to the Simeon Nyachae Stadium. And to ensure that this stadium is completed by the end of this year and to an international standard, we will allocate an additional Ksh.150M to the county gov't," Kenyatta stated. 

The Head of State eulogized Nyachae as an honest man who always did what he expected of others. 

"Without doubt, he (Nyachae) was a disciplinarian, not only in disciplining others but the discipline within which he carried himself. What he expected of others, is what he expected from himself. What he told us to do, is what he himself did," Kenyatta told the gathering. 

ODM leader Raila Odinga 

On his part, Deputy President William Ruto said, "As we mourn the departure of Mzee Nyachae, we equally celebrate a great patriotic Kenyan, a consummate administrator, and public servant, an astute businessman, a brave and courageous politician, and a loving, strict but also forgiving father and father figure." 

ODM leader Raila Odinga eulogized the late Nyachae as a great Kenyan," Nyachae excelled as an administrator and eventually in the civil service, and then as a cabinet minister. When he resigned as Minister for Finance, we were now with him in the backbench."