Editor's Review

  • First Lady Margaret Kenyatta shares a powerful message with women on IWD.
  • She also spoke on USA VP Kamala Harris and urged women to take notes after the election of Harris.

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta heaped praises on Kamala Harris after her election as the first woman Vice President in the United States of America.

The Kenya First Lady noted that Kamala's rise to leadership should serve as an inspiration for women worldwide to aspire for leadership positions.

“Her Excellency Kamala Harris has done women proud and broken the glass ceiling by going into history books as the 49th Vice President and the first female occupant of the office in the United States,” she said.

First Lady Margaret Kenyatta went all out when she spoke Monday during the virtual celebrations to mark this year’s International Women’s Day (IWD).

In her speech, the First Lady encouraged women to actively seek elective and other positions of leadership both at national and county levels.

“Let us continue working, together, for the progress we all believe in. And let us begin with ourselves, in our own spaces, in our homes, in our schools and with our children," the First Lady said.

Call to Women Leaders

“We know that women can bring a difference in leadership by ensuring that the needs and aspirations of women and men, boys and girls are addressed equitably,” she added.

Mrs Kenyatta referenced the theme of this year’s IWD which calls for women leadership, saying it is timely and resonates well with the current global situation.

“It highlights the need for us to demand for a level playing field for women and girls irrespective of race, religion or social background,” she said.

She further emphasized the need for women to lend their voice in combating harmful cultural practices.

“We also, as women, must continue to raise our voices and protect ourselves against harmful practices such as FGM and early child marriage; these factors impede our pathway to reaching our gifted potential,” the First Lady said.