Editor's Review

  • A man who was caught raping a minor in a tea plantation is in police custody.

Police are holding a 79-year-old man from Liyenga village in Kakamega after being caught defiling a minor.

According to a police report, Elijah Andrea Esani was ambushed by a security guard while defiling the 13-year-old in a tea plantation.

The security officer said he caught Esani at Itenyi Secondary School while he was heading home from a night shift.

Reports indicated that the security guard came across a school uniform believed to be that of the victim and when he entered the bush he found the girl struggling to free herself from the criminal.

After raising alarm angry villagers descended on the elderly man but police were alerted and rescued him from possible mob injustice.

The minor was treated at a local health centre and in stable condition. The suspect will be arraigned in court on Monday.