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NLC Communications Deputy Director Jennifer Wambui was today, March 15 found dead after she went missing two days ago.

The body of National Lands Commission deputy director of communications Jennifer Wambua has been discovered at the City mortuary.

The government official went missing on Friday, March 13, 2021. She is said to have reported to their offices in Upper Hill Nairobi but left at about 10 am.

A search led by law enforcement discovered her corpse at the Nairobi City mortuary on the afternoon of Monday, March 15.

Nairobi Police Commander Philip Ndolo revealed that her body was found dumped at Ngong forest.

File image of NLC Communications deputy director Jennifer Wambua. |Photo| Courtesy|

The police note that her belongings were found in the car her husband drove her to work with on that fateful morning. Her mobile phone, handbag, and packed lunch were all in the car.

CCTV footage from the NLC headquarters show she left the office alone, carrying nothing.

Her husband told the police he dropped her off to work at 7 am in morning before proceeding to his workplace at Kilimo House.

He revealed that he had attempted to call her in the course of the day, but did not panic despite his calls going unanswered.

“We speak a lot and regularly but on that day I called around 10 am the calls went unanswered,” the husband told the police.

The husband is said to have called her about the same time she left the NLC offices.

He told the police that he discovered she had left her belongings in the car when he took it to the garage later that day.

“I assumed that she would get another phone and call me but she did not at all,” he told the police.

The husband narrated that later that day he went to check up on her at the NLC offices but found her office locked. He assumed she went home but did not find her when he got there either.

Sleuths from the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI) have initiated a probe into the mysterious death of the former Kenya News Agency (KNA) journalist.