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  • Kimilili MP Didymus Barasa announced he won't be taking part in UDA rallies.

Kimilili MP Didymus Barasa has announced that he will be taking a four-month sabbatical from national politics.

Speaking on Sunday during a presser, the MP said he will use the time to consult his constituents and determine his next political step.

"I will not be appearing in any Tanga Tanga rallies from today. I’ll take time to reflect on my political journey," the Kimilili MP said.

The MP said that he is still a member of the UDA party which is affiliated with Deputy President William Ruto's hustler nation.

Baraza explained that he is on a mission to unify the Western Kenya region.

Last year Barasa said they will destroy Jubilee Party from within before they are shoved out. “We will never leave Jubilee the way it is. We will destroy it completely. We will bring it down completely,” he said.

UDA Politics

“We will leave behind a garden with grass and natural trees with no evidence that Jubilee Party ever existed,” the MP added.

Barasa said the 'hustler nation' has formed more than 45 political parties and they plan to merge them into one formidable outfit "so William Ruto can use that party to realise the dream of the 'hustler nation' of occupying the house on the hill.”

UDA party said it will make changes to its senior leadership. In a gazette notice on Friday, March 19, the party indicated its intention to replace the current Secretary-General Mohamed A Sahal with Nduati Veronicah Waheti.

The party has since taken part in a number of by-elections in the country. In the much-contested Matungu by-election earlier in March, the party's candidate, Alex Lanya came in third behind ANC's candidate Peter Nabulindo who won after garnering 14,260 votes.

It also lost the Machakos Senate seat which was clinched by Wiper's Agnes Kavindu.