Editor's Review

  • A mental assessment report done on Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has revealed new details.

A mental assessment report done on Former Nairobi Governor Mike Mbuvi Sonko has revealed that he is fit to stand trial.

The mental assessment ordered by Nairobi Magistrate Peter Ouko indicated that Sonko's health condition does not bar him from attending court proceedings.

“With that finding, I do believe that the activities entail attending court process, I, therefore, reconfirm the hearing dates given which starts on 29 this month,” the court ruled.

The report noted that although Sonko is receiving treatment for a bipolar condition, it was established that it has not barred him from going about his daily business.

Court Ordered Mental Test

The court was initially told that the former Nairobi Governor is unfit to stand trial. Sonko was ordered to undergo another psychiatric test to confirm whether he is mentally fit to stand trial.

A doctor from the Aga Khan hospital told the courts that Sonko is mentally unfit to stand trial as the ex-governor faces graft charges and terrorism-associated charges.

Magistrate Peter Ooko noted that although two medical reports have pointed out that Sonko has a bipolar condition, they did not explain well how he was unfit for trial.

The Magistrate ordered Sonko to be examined by a psychiatrist at the Kenyatta National Hospital and presented in court on March 12, 2021.