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Nation Media Group has reinstated full employee salaries after they were slashed in 2020 due to low revenue.

Nation Media Group staff has been afforded a reason to smile after the media house reinstated their full salaries.

Following the onset of the Covid-19 pandemic in 2020, most companies in the country suffered declines in revenue streams due to the toll taken on the country's economy. This forced several to slash employee salaries while others cut back on staff numbers.

The media industry was not spared in the economic turbulence experienced in the country as advertisements scaled down immensely due to the closure of various companies.

Nation Media Group building along Kimathi Street, Nairobi. |Photo| Courtesy|

In a statement released March 30, 2021, NMG announced that operations at the media house had started to normalise thus necessitating a reinstatement of salaries to the normal.

"In this regard, on behalf of management, it gives me great pleasure to announce the Board approval for reinstatement of full pay for all staff effective March 2021.

"The reinstatement is a recognition and appreciation of our collective sacrifice, hard work and commitment during the pandemic. Let me take this opportunity on behalf of the Board and management to thank each one of you for your dedication and patience during these unprecedented times," the statement reads in part.

The media house, however, stated that they would not hesitate to take similar measures to protect the business or jobs should the Covid-19 pandemic persist and take a toll on businesses.

"Hence, let us continue working as a team to deliver our business objectives and the budget for the balance of the year. I trust the salary reinstatement will give us even more energy and determination to maintain the current performance trend throughout the year," the statement reads.

"Please let us continue to play our part in safeguarding the lives of our colleagues by strictly adhering to the communicated measures, avoid panic, stigma and  misinformation. Together we shall overcome this challenge, as we have done others before it," it concludes.