Editor's Review

  • DCI officers nabbed a woman and her daughter trafficking weapons they say were been used in terrorist attacks.

Police have arrested a woman and her daughter for trafficking weapons suspected to be used in terrorist attacks.

The two women identified by the DCI as Joyce Muthoni Mwihia and her mother Goretti Mwihia were nabbed with a sniper rifle, Uzi submachine gun, and assorted bullets in Racecourse, Dagoretti.

Here's the DCI's statement:

"The DCI Anti-Terror Police Unit has this afternoon recovered a cache of arms and ammunition suspected to have been sneaked into the country for terror activities. The weapons which include an M4 sniper rifle, with an effective range of 500 metres were recovered from two ladies Joyce Muthoni Mwihia and her mother Goretti Mwihia, both of whom hold dual citizenship and live in Racecourse, Dagoretti Corner in Nairobi.

Also recovered in the operation were 4 pistols and a close quarter Uzi automatic submachine gun, capable of firing over 600 rounds per minute.

An assortment of over 3,700 rounds of ammunition of different calibre, was also recovered. Detectives are currently holding the suspects for further interrogation, as ballistic examination of the cache continues."