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Italian Firm behind Arror-Kimwarer dams is staring at a looming auction by KRA.

The Kenya Revenue Authority has threatened to auction machines and equipment held at the Mombasa Port belonging to an Italian Firm.

The firm is at the centre of the Ksh63 Arror-Kimwarer Dam scandal.

KRA released a notice indicating that CMC Di Ravenna was among the companies risking auction of their property that has been lying idle at Kilindini.

The taxman warned that the equipment will be auctioned if not cleared and collected by next month.

“Pursuant to the provisions of section 42 of the East African Community Customs Management Act 2004, notice is given that unless the under-mentioned goods are entered and removed from the Customs Woodlouse, ICDE within 30 days from the date of this notice, they will be sold by public auction on May 18,” the notice by KRA read in part.

CMC Di Ravenna imported the equipment in 2018 for their dam construction projects but financial woes have seen them hold off, prompting the move from the taxman.

The equipment includes dump stations that are used for the safe disposal of raw sewage and muck cars used for tunneling.

KRA, however, did not indicate how much they are targeting from the auction set for mid-next month.

The move by KRA mounts pressure on the firm which already lost an auctioneering case after Absa back ceased their 98 vehicles in a bid to recover a Ksh585 million, advanced to the company in 2017.

In 2020, KRA ceased 100 vehicles belonging to the Italian firm over tax evasion claims.