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  • Form four students who had just finished their exams were left stranded at Uhuru Park due to the curfew directive.

Form four students who had just finished their exams and travelled from different parts of the country were left stranded in Nairobi's Uhuru Park.

The learners were unable to get transport means after 8.00 pm due to the curfew hours and forced to sleep at the park.

On Monday various commuters had to queue for hours as Nairobi residents rushed to beat the curfew hours.

This was after Saturday's snarl-up where motorists and essential service providers were stuck on Thika superhighway, for hours after police officers mounted roadblocks on major roads to enforce the curfew.

Government Spokesman Cyrus Oguna issues a statement indicating that strict adherence to the curfew directives was needed to flatten the Covid-19 curve.

"It is important that, as a people, we continue to observe the Covid-19 infection control and containment measures, if we are to quickly flatten the infection curve and have our lives get back to normal. Observing these measures includes strictly respecting the curfew time which starts at 8.00 pm for the One Zone and 10.00 pm for the rest of the country. Let this be a collective responsibility," said Oguna.

Police officers enforcing the curfew along Thika Road on Sunday resorted to a new approach where they lit bonfires next to the roadblocks.

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