Editor's Review

  • Nairobi County seeks to increase parking fees for private cars from Sh200 to Sh400. 

Nairobi motorists have a reason to smile after the High Court extended orders stopping the Nairobi City County government from implementing new parking fees for private cars and public service vehicles.

In a directive issued on Wednesday, the court stayed its initial order barring the county from implementing the new prices until petitions filed against the same are heard and determined..

The court has set May 3, 2021 as the new mention date for the case.

Nairobi County government first announced plans to increase parking fees in 2019. In their proposal, parking fees was increased from Sh200 to 400 for private cars.

The county also increased seasonal parking fees for matatus from Sh3,650 to Sh5,000 for 14-seater matatus and Sh5,250 to Sh8,000 for 32-seater matatus.

While defending the decision to increase parking fees in the city, Nairobi County noted that the move was meant to reduce traffic jams.

Following the increment, Matatu Owners Association (MOA) and the Consumer Federation of Kenya (Cofek) filed petitions challenging the ew parking fees, arguing that the move was unfair, unconstitutional and was done without consultations with the relevant stakeholders.

“The Kenya economy has shrunk compelling the Central Bank of Kenya to cut its projected growth rate for this year. The timing of increasing parking fees is wrong and hurriedly implemented without proper and adequate notice to the public,” one of the petitions read in part.