Editor's Review

NTV has hired a number of presenters who were formerly at KTN.

Nation Media Group has hired two journalists who were formerly with Standard Media Group owned KTN.

In a 31 second video released by NTV, announcing the arrival, the media house teased the sides of the faces of the two anchors, their shoes, and clothes leaving Kenyans to speculate on their identities.

NairobiLeo.co.ke has since established that Fridah Mwaka and Lofti Matambo have joined NTV and are expected to co-host the 7 pm bulletin.

They are expected to debut in the first week of May 2021.

"For now, only the teaser has been released to keep the audience guessing but after a week, a promo will be out," an insider told our news desk.

This comes shortly after the two left the Mombasa Road-based media house. Matambo in his last bulletin at KTN expressed his gratitude for the opportunity he was afforded to develop and grow both as a professional and as a person.

He assured his fans they will be seeing him on television soon. He quit KTN after working there for seven and a half years. He had joined the media house as a reporter.

Mwaka announced her decision to leave on March 21, 2021. She joined KTN in 2018, replacing Mashirima Kapombe who had transitioned to Citizen TV.

"You have been my fans and always made me better in this field of Journalism. Time has now come for me to leave KTN News," she said.

An insider at NTV also revealed that Ben Kitili and Lindah Oguttu are also in talks to join NTV from KTN.