Editor's Review

  • According to the MP, 7 of the candidates interviewed for the CJ job were a waste of time.

Kiminini Member of Parliament Dr. Chris Wamalwa has criticised the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) for shortlisting and interviewing ten candidates for the position of Chief Justice, noting that it was a waste of time.

Speaking on Monday morning, Wamalwa said JSC ought to have interviewed the most qualified candidates and lock out the rest in a bid to save time and other resources.

“JSC should not have wasted time by shortlisting the 10. They would have short-listed three; William Ouko, Senior Counsel Ngatia, and Martha Koome,” he said.

Wamalwa noted that the office of the Chief Justice is very critical since the holder will be charged with the mandate of leading the judiciary and determining presidential petitions.

He further noted that the composition of the court should represent the face of Kenya; meaning that a particular region should not over-represented in the court.

Murang’a Senator Irungu Kang’ata who also was in the same panel noted that the next CJ should be able to emulate what his/her predecessor David Maraga did in regards to the independence of the Judiciary.

“I want a Chief Justice who is going to ensure some of the positives that we saw during Maraga’s tenure protected and embedded,” he opined.

Meanwhile, JSC last week completed interviews for the position of Chief Justice. The commission was expected to announce its nominee, but the same was put on hold due to a court order.

Interviews for the position of Supreme Court judge have also been put on hold due to the same court order.