Editor's Review

  • Mt Kenya TV has been ordered to go off-air by the┬áCommunications Authority of Kenya.

Communications Authority of Kenya ordered Mt Kenya TV to shut down for violating broadcast regulations by airing inappropriate content.

On Wednesday, CAK announced that Mt Kenya TV will go off air for 4 weeks and pay a sum of Ksh500,000 for airing inappropriate content during watershed hours.

"The authority has directed Mt Kenya TV Channel to go off air from midday today for a minimum of four weeks, within which time the license shall put in place appropriate safeguards compliance with its license terms and conditions. The station shall only go back on air after the authority confirms that it has complied with all the current and outstanding compliance issues," the statement read in part.

"The authority notes with great concern that the licensee has continued to countenance non-compliance and as a result, some of the issues raised before have remained outstanding for over 120 days. As a result, the Authority has imposed a penalty of Ksh500,000 which is recoverable summarily."

CAK ordered Mt Kenya TV to avail its staff for mandatory training after the TV station aired sexual content of an animation film named Free Jimmy.