Editor's Review

  • Speaking on Monday, David Ndii noted that his engagement with Ruto is not limited to economic issues.

Renowned Kenyan Economist Dr. David Ndii has called for an amnesty on past corruption for everyone including Deputy President William Ruto and any other parties.

Speaking during an interview on Monday night, Dr. Ndii noted that currently, the war against graft is being used to target specific politicians, thus making it ineffective.

“My position which I have articulated is that in the context of transitional justice it is time for us to talk about drawing a line between past corruptions because I don’t think we are going to be able to actually allow our institutions to fight corruption if we keep sort of having this vicious cycle of weaponizing corruption for politics.

“I am for an amnesty on past corruption on everyone including Ruto and everybody…If we can agree on that then we can talk about a potential for cooperating on elections,” he said.

On the nature of his engagement with DP Ruto, Ndii noted that their deliberations are not limited to issues around the economy.

Dr. Ndii divulged that the DP approached him not so long ago, and together they had talks around the BBI Constitutional amendment push, Kenya’s economy among other issues.

“…We have collaborated on the question of how we can defend the Constitution from the current assault of the BBI…It is not only on the economy, we are having conversations with him and other people,” Ndii opined.

On his previous attacks against, the DP, Dr Ndii noted that nothing was personal.

Meanwhile, political analyst Prof Mutahi Ngunyi has poured cold water on Ndii’s engagement with the DP, noting that the renowned economist always works for the losing team.

“It is not a tragedy that a Kikuyu psycho like David Ndii has now become an intellectual prostitute. The tragedy is this: he has always advised the team that loses. Asking a liberal economist to write a Marxist strategy is like asking a dentist to do heart surgery. Total guess work,” he tweeted.