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  • An autopsy report conducted at the Murang'a County Referral Hospital on Elijah Obuong revealed he died of strangulation.

Police are hunting for people believed to have exhumed the body of Elijah Obuong’, one of the Kitengela Four missing friends.

According to reports on a local daily, Obuong' was buried at his aunt's place instead of his parent's home. The aunty raised Obuong' and felt she owed him a decent interment.

However, a relative who was opposed to the idea is reported to have organized for the exhuming of the body which police have termed as illegal.

Seven people disinterred the body on Wednesday morning and wrapped it in a plastic bag. They packed the body onto a waiting hearse and buried the empty coffin.

Kisumu Police boss, Anampiu confirmed that the body was disinterred adding that authorities are yet to establish the cause of the exhumation.

An autopsy report conducted at the Murang'a County Referral Hospital on the body after it was found, revealed that Obuong died of strangulation.

His body was found near Mukungai River on April 20 by sand harvesters and was recorded as an unidentified male. His family identified the body on April 29, 2021.

Samples were also taken from his stomach to establish whether he and his three friends; Jack Ochieng, Benjamin Imbai, and Brian Odour were poisoned at the restaurant where they were last seen.

The news of his death took his family by surprise, with his mother, Caroline Obuong, maintaining that the deceased was not involved in any criminal activities.