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  • All eyes were on CS Ukur Yatani on Thursday as he read the budget for the financial year 2021/2022.

All eyes were on CS Ukur Yatani on Thursday as he read the budget for the financial year 2021/2022.

Here are some of the highlights of the budget:

1. Government set aside Ksh142.1B in the financial year 2021/2022 to support the implementation of the Big Four agenda.

2. Around Ksh3.2 billion was allocated to DPP, DCI Ksh7.6 billion, Ksh5.9 billion Auditor General as Parliament gets Ksh37.9 billion to enhance graft war.

3. There was a boost for Sports as CS Yattani allocates Ksh15bn to Sports Fund and Sh90mn for the refurbishment of regional stadia.

4. He also announced a Ksh14.3 billion allocation to bolster COVID containment efforts. An additional Sh121.1 billion was allocated to the health sector to support various programs.

5. The CS also stated digital lenders the government has through the Central Bank of Kenya amendment bill 2021 proposed to provide for licensing of digital credit service providers.

6. CS Yatani also directed ministries, departments & agencies at the county gov't to clear all their pending bills by 30th June 2021.

7. Ksh23.1 billion set aside to cushion the vulnerable during the Covid-19 pandemic. Out of this Sh3 billion has been set aside for Kazi Mtaani program, Sh1.9 billion for agriculture, Sh1.2 billion for recruit of health workers.

8. Ksh 38 billion was allocated for water and sewage infrastructure, Ksh 10.5B for irrigation and reclamation.

9. He also announced that Kshs 200 million was allocated for the development of the Konza Technopolis master plan.

10. Ksh 41.1 billion allocated for CDF, Ksh 2.1 billion for National Government Affirmative Action Fund.

11. To step up the war on crime, National Treasury has set aside Ksh 1.5 Billion for the National Communication and Surveillance System.

12. Ksh 281 billion was allocated for TSC, 76.3 billion for University education, Ksh745 million for TVETs and Ksh323 million for National Research Fund.

13. Treasury allocated Kshs7.5 billion for construction of the Mombasa Port Development Project and Kshs7.5 billion for LAPSSET project.

14. National Treasury CS Ukur Yatani: Kshs2 billion for the Kenya National Shipping Line and Kshs603 million for construction and maintenance of airports and airstrips.

15. CS Ukur Yatani proposed Ksh1.1 billion to enhance drought resilience and Ksh200 million for the embryo transfer project.