Editor's Review

  • The DP welcomed Raila Odinga to the Hustler Nation for the second time in less than a week.

Deputy President William Ruto on Wednesday responded to a headline by the Daily Nation that his fight with former Prime Minister Raila Odinga had shifted to getting the hustler’s vote.

In a tweet, the second in command said the conversation had changed and it was now about the economy, not ethnicity like it has been.

He went on to welcome Odinga to the Hustler movement saying that its now all about changing policies and not the constitution as was before.

“My friend Tinga, welcome to Hustler movement. The CONVERSATION here is about the ECONOMY not ethnicity, EMPOWERMENT not power, JOBS not positions, creating OPPORTUNITY/WEALTH not sharing, CITIZENS not leaders BY changing POLICY not the constitution to BOTTOM UP not top down economics,” said DP Ruto.

[Former Prime Minister Raila Odinga with DP William Ruto]

This comes a few days after Odinga outlined his 14-point economic vision plan to make Kenya the African continent’s headquarters for global business.

The ODM leader said he imagines a country with a firm foundation for the rule of law backed by efficient government structures that can withstand pressure.

On Tuesday, he also shared a rural transformation plan which he insisted is vital in improving the economy.

Odinga stated that massive investment in rural infrastructure, providing reliable and cheap electricity and clean water will also boost rural areas.

Many believe the former PM’s economic strategy is to counter DP Ruto’s bottom-up approach which he has been using as a campaign strategy for 2022.