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According to the police, the suspect appeared in many viral footage and photos making rounds on the internet.

Wilson Amadi, a Kisumu County Askari, was arrested by police on Monday, November 15, on grounds of leading rowdy youth to stone Deputy President William Ruto motorcade.  

According to the police, Amadi was nabbed after appearing in many of the viral footage and photos making rounds on the internet.

Reports indicate that Amadi led the group that pelted stones at DP Ruto motorcade during last week's Kisumu visit at Kondele. 

Wilson Aminda  Being Arrested By Detectives on November 15, 2021. (Photo: NPS)

Ruto made a three-day charm offensive tour to Nyanza, where he encountered rowdy youth in Kondele, Kisumu county, who pelted stones at his motorcade.

The youth were chanting Orange Democratic Movement slogans as others demanded money from him.

The following day the National Police Service, through the Police Spokesman Bruno Shiosho issued a statement claiming that his security detail had been informed of the tension.

"Based on the intelligence gathered, there was tension within Kondele owing to the alleged distribution of campaign logistical funds amongst local groups.

"This intelligence was promptly shared by police with H.E. the deputy president's team with recommendation to skip the affected area during the tour," the statement read in part.

In a rejoinder, UDA Chairman Johnson Muthama questioned why police didn't act if they had intelligence before.

"Yesterday, Kenya Police issued a lame statement stating that the Deputy President had been warned of chaos prior to the visit. Nothing could be far from the truth.

"The question that police should answer is when did they know about the chaos, and what did they do about it to ensure the stoning does not happen and it is stopped?" Muthama stated.