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The Council of governors has blasted private insurers over covering Covid-19 patients. 

The Council of governors has blasted private insurers over covering Covid-19 patients. 

CoG chair and Kakamega Governor Wycliffe Oparanya on Wednesday stated that the insurers have refused to cover the patients, causing a burden on county governments.

Speaking during a special session on Covid 19 with President Uhuru Kenyatta, Oparanya noted uncovered patients are forcing hospitals to demand hefty payment before admitting patients.

He termed the practice by the issuers and hospitals as heartless.

“Private insurance companies are not covering COVID-19 expenses. This has led to hospitals demanding hefty amounts before admission of COVID-19 patients. This is unacceptable, heartless and unethical that the private insurance firms are demanding more money,” said Oparanya.

President Uhuru Kenyatta organized the session after the country witnessed an upsurge of Coronavirus cases countrywide.

The increase emerged after the President eased some of the Covid-19 containment measures. 

The governor used the session to recommend additional measures on curbing the spread of the virus. 

Notably, the governors want the national governors to re-enact the measures in their original form.

“The Council of Governors recommends that all containment protocols be implemented in their original form. We request that the nationwide curfew currently in force be varied from 11pm to 9pm,” said Oparanya.

CoG further recommended penalizing members of the public and politicians who violate the laid down Covid 19 regulations.

Several medics have pointed out that politicians holding rallies have emerged as the weakest point in curbing the virus. 

Additionally, the upsurge in cases has been linked to the reopening of entertainment joints that admit revelers to full capacity against the Ministry of Health guidelines.  

Since the onset of the virus in the country, 57093 cases have been reported with 1039 deaths. The total number of recoveries stands at 37846.