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Sonko says he has information incriminating seven more judges who he says have sabotaged the quest for justice through their underworld dealings.

Former Nairobi Governor Mike Sonko has said seven more judges will be unmasked for their involvement in corruption in the Judiciary.

This comes even as the Judicial Service Commission (JSC) commences a probe into High Court Judge Said Juma Chitembwe's alleged involvement in corruption.

{High Court judge Said Juma Chitembwe. Photo: Courtesy}

Sonko says he has information incriminating seven more judges who he alleges have sabotaged the quest for justice in Kenya through their underworld dealings.

According to the former Governor, his exposé seeks to restore confidence in the Kenyan Judiciary by getting rid of corrupt judges who have ignored the law while discharging their mandate.

"I am in possession of more dossiers touching 7 more Judges who have to undergo the same process for public confidence to be restored in the Kenyan Judiciary. It is not right to say that Judges are above the law. Judges are subject to the law in the same way as any other citizen," he said.

He added that he is not bitter after his impeachment was upheld but says he was denied justice because of the rot in Judiciary.

"I was denied justice and I do not want any other litigant coming before any Judge to go through what I went through. I am not bitter in any way whatsoever. There are so many Kenyans who are languishing in various prisons countrywide and I know a few of them just because some of the Judges denied them justice," Sonko added.

In his five-part video series, Sonko placed justice Chitembwe on spot for soliciting money through his brother Amana Saidi Jirani.

Jiraini is identified as the mastermind of all the deals as he is seen and heard in visual and audio recordings soliciting money on behalf of Justice Chitembwe.

In one of the recordings, he is captured making a case on the amount that is supposed to be paid to the extent that he calls a man believed to be Judge Chitembwe to prove to those seeking favour that he is acting for the judge.

In another recording, Governor Sonko is captured in a meeting with Justice Chitembwe who is heard telling him that his removal from the office as City Governorlacked merit since legal procedures were breached.

This expose has prompted the JSC to form a panel that will investigate Justice Chitembwe who has been given 14 days to respond to a petition seeking his ouster.