Editor's Review

  • Barchok has been in office for over a year now.
  • He was sworn in after Laboso's death. 

Bomet Governor Hillary Barchok has shared an insight into his life as a county boss for the last one and a half years.

Barchok took over the seat after the death of former Governor Joyce Laboso, who succumbed to cancer.  

Speaking on Wednesday, Barchok stated that he was not ready to take over the mandate.   

He noted that after the swearing-in, he almost stepped down because he was not sure about the job as he did not qualify.

However, Barchok revealed that Laboso was grooming him to take over the seat in 2027. 

"I was not prepared for what happened. I kept asking myself what I had gotten myself into. I was not a politician. I was not prepared for this though she left a big shoe," said Barchok.  

Barchok tested the gubernatorial seat first when Laboso flew out of the country for medical attention.

Through an executive order, Laboso ensured that Barchok was in charge of running the county matters.  

The county boss added that some residents cant recognize him when he visits them.

He remains optimistic that he will manage to take over the mandate left to him and engage locals more. 

In his interview, Barchok noted that he has taken over development projects initiated by Laboso before her untimely demise.  

Commenting on Barchok's tenure, former Bomet governor Issac Ruto stated that most projects had stalled especially sporting facilities.  

Ruto took a swipe at Barchok for moving fast to complete the governor’s office while abandoning the initiatives dear to the residents.  

Towards the end of last year, Barchok came under scrutiny for allegedly spending Sh9.9 million to furnish the newly constructed Sh60.85 million governor's office. 

An audit report revealed that the governor spent around Sh110,130 to buy an executive chair and Sh78,000 to buy another chair for the personal assistant. 

According to the constitution, in the unfortunate event a sitting governor dies, his/her deputy takes over.