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Information associated with DP Ruto's now moribund United Republican Alliance (URP) party has been dropped.

The ruling Jubilee Party has kicked off plans to rebrand itself.

According to information accessed by Nairobi Leo, details associated with the now moribund United Republican Alliance (URP) party have been dropped.

In the new changes, Jubilee has replaced clasped hands with a dove while its yellow and black colours have been replaced with white.

The yellow and black colours are associated with the URP party.

The new changes have been forwarded to Kenya Industrial Property Institute for trademarking.

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At the same time, the ruling party has changed its motto from Tuko Pamoja to Mbele Pamoja.

URP was a party formed by Deputy President William Ruto and which formed an alliance with The National Alliance (TNA) party in the 2013 General Elections.

The two parties and several others, however, merged and formed the Jubilee party which maintained some aspects of the previous parties, majorly colours.

But the party could not stand the test of time following wrangles and divisions that rocked it immediately after the 2017 polls.

The division saw several leaders associated with DP Ruto victimised in various reforms.

The DP and his allies were forced to seek refuge in PDR party that rebranded into UDA.

The DP will be seeking the presidency on aUDA party ticket.