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The UDA official raised questions in that manner in which the DCI forced their way into the ICU ward to record a statement from Itumbi.

UDA party Director of Communications Wanjohi Githae has raised concerns after the DCI officers stormed an ICU ward where blogger Dennis Itumbi is admitted just hours after Deputy President William Ruto paid him a visit.

In a statement on his social media handles, Githae raised questions in that manner in which the DCI forced their way into the ward to record a statement from Itumbi over his alleged abduction and subsequent torture.

According to Githae, the officers were not mindful of procedures required to be followed when assessing a patient who is admitted to ICU.

"Dear @DCI_Kenya, suddenly you have realised there is a need to record a statement from @OleItumbi. Fair enough. But you understand that there are procedures when accessing a patient in ICU. It is not just a walk-in," he stated.

{DP William Ruto having a chat with blogger Dennis Itumbi at a city hospital as the caregiver looks on. Image: Courtes}

At the same time, Githae poked holes in the DCI move to come after the DP had visited the blogger.

He questioned why they could come before the DP visit yet Itumbi has been receiving treatment at the facility for days.

"Curiously, you have come a day after DP @WilliamsRuto visited him. Why didn't you consider visiting him a day after he was admitted if you were keen on this investigation?" he posed.

The UDA comms officer also demanded an update on the status of the investigations saying many Kenyans are in dire need of the progress made by the security officers on the matter.

"Just a thought Have you triangulated his phone and found which were near his, minutes after he was abducted? That would be a useful update to Kenyans on where the investigations are as of now. Just a thought," he said.

The visit by DCI officers comes nearly a week after Itumbi was taken ill at the hospital facility after being found dumped at Lucky Summer, Nairobi, hours after he was allegedly abducted by three men at Thindigua in Kiambu County.