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Deputy President William Ruto's Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi has narrated a bit of what transpired on the day he was abducted.

Deputy President William Ruto's Digital Strategist Dennis Itumbi has narrated a bit of what transpired on the day he was abducted.

The digital guru was picked up by unknown persons outside a barbershop in Thindigua, beaten, and dumped by the road naked and wounded.

Taking to Facebook on Thursday, January 13, 2022, Itumbi thanked one Boniface Makokha for lending him a helping hand after he had been abandoned by the road.

DP William Ruto when he visited Itumbi in hospital. |Photo| Courtesy|

He stated that he was picked up in a Toyota Premio which was later abandoned for two double cabin pick-ups, a black one and a white one.

Itumbi claimed that the men who abducted him, roughed him up as they threatened to kill him should he make any noise.

"Sikiza wewe, hatujakuua...lakini ukipiga nduru tutarudi tukumalize...." he quoted an alleged lead Rogue Police Officer as warning him.

"The Hit Squad that operates in fear of being seen, being exposed or being pointed out in public, had long dropped the Premio that had picked me at Thindigua, outside a Barbershop and at this time the SIX men had taken turns in beating me with what felt like hammers and related crude weapons," Itumbi narrated.

He claimed that they continued beating him while ordering him to change his political stance and do as asked by the "BOSS".

" Whoever it is, tell him we do not change our political belief, through force and threats, he has to learn the art of persuasion," Itumbi claims to have said.

They slapped him, kicked him and continued to tighten the handcuffs.

He was then dumped in the middle of nowhere, naked, and all he could see were trees and a light in the distance. He walked towards the light seeking help.

Being naked, it was hard getting motorists to stop and listen to him. So vehicles and boda bodas just drove by.

He then managed to stop three boda bodas but one of them took off without listening to him.

"Wawawawa Dennoh, nimeona kwa Social Media...wacha niongee na customer wangu nikupeleke hosi..." one of the riders who recognised him said.

By this time there is a traffic build up, and a man in a car behind approached them, recognised Itumbi and offered to help him.

"Itumbi manze pole sana, nitakusaidia, naitwa Boniface....ingia kwa gari yangu," the man said.

Boniface Makokha. went to the rider and appreciated him on Itumbi's behalf and offered to get him something to cover up before he could take him to hospital.

He then drove to his house and got Itumbi a bedsheet.

"tuko wapi?" Itumbi asked only to learn that they were in Lucky Summer, Kasarani.

Makokha then got him a fanta and took him to Neema Uhai Mission Hospital that was nearby.

"Once again, I SALUTE YOU BONIFACE MAKOKHA," Itumbi thanked.