Editor's Review

  • The analyst has doubts about whether Odinga has fully understood the report.
  • Raila has defended the report fiercely.

A leading political analyst has claimed that ODM leader Odinga is not conversant with the BBI report's contents.  

According to Prof. Edward Kisiangani, Raila has shown ignorance while attempting to defend the report's contents.

The analyst singled out Raila's defense on creating the office of the Ombudsman in the BBI report.

On Sunday, Raila met with governors from the Western region for a consultative meeting. 

This is after the Council of governors opposed the office creation stating it will interfere with the Executive.

However, Kisiangani noted that Raila struggled to explain the contents, which points to a lack of understanding regarding the report.  

"While meeting some governors in Kisumu today, Mr. Odinga made a miserable attempt to explain BBI proposals on both the Ombudsman and the Executive. I doubt he has read the BBI Report. Odinga demonstrated shocking ignorance of the BBI Report he has been defending fiercely," said Kisangani.  

The former Prime Minister noted that the introduction of the Judiciary Ombudsman is for the benefit of the public members, more so those who would like to raise complaints about the Judiciary. 

According to Raila, the officer will not be independent if appointed by the Chief Justice.  

"Once the Parliament has vetted, the President in his/her capacity can as the Head of State will appoint the Ombudsman. I don't know how that will interfere with the independence of the Judiciary. To my view, that is propaganda," he said. 

According to the BBI, the Ombudsman office will receive and conduct inquiries into complaints against judges, registrars, magistrates, and other judicial officers and staff of the Judiciary. 

This comes when different stakeholders are calling on both President Uhuru Kenyatta and Raila to allow revision of the BBI report to meet the interests of all Kenyans.