Editor's Review

  • The boat was carrying about 20 people and foodstuffs. 
  • The accident is attributed to the rising water level on Lake Victoria. 

Ten people have reportedly drowned after their boat capsized in Lake Victoria near Honge Beach in Bondo.

Reports indicate that the boat was carrying at least 20 people. The boat was allegedly overloaded as it was carrying maize and bananas heading to Usenge beach.

The accident has been confirmed by the area Beach Management Unit Chairman Elly Odhiambo Masinde.

According to Masinde, the boat was hit by strong winds in the Tuesday night accident. Additionally, the rising water levels at Lake Victoria have been linked to the accident.

The other ten people–nine adults and one child–were rescued by fishermen who on a routine fishing expedition at the time of the incident.

The boat is believed to have been in good condition as it regularly transports food items between Usenge and Uganda. 

The boat was plying the Mageta Island—Usenge beach route in Siaya County when the incident occurred.

Back in May, another boat plying the Mageta Island—Usenge beach route in Siaya County capsized leading to the death of an unknown number of people. 

Sources indicated that the boat was also hit by strong winds and high tides partly attributed to rising water levels of Lake Victoria.

Last month, authorities retrieved bodies of three out of six people who were missing after another boat capsized. 

Thirteen people were using the boat to travel from neighbouring Uganda when it capsized in Budalang'i, Busia County.

With the water levels rising, authorities have called on sailors to be vigilant of the tides to minimize risks of accidents.