Editor's Review

  • Murkomen alleged drones have been hovering around his home.
  • Governor Kivutha Kibwana has also alleged ongoing surveillance at his home.

Elegeyo Marakwet Senator Kipchumba Murkomen has sarcastically responded to alleged aerial surveillance of his home. 

According to Murkomen, an unknown individual has been sending a drone to hover around his house without permission. 

Through a Twitter post, Murkomen stated that it is high time the individual shared the beautiful aerial photos with the public. 

Furthermore, the former Senate Majority Leader invited the individual to his home for a cup of tea. 

"To the person who has been sending drones to hover over my house I have two requests. 1. Please share the beautiful aerial photos. 2. Come home through the main gate for a cup of tea but make sure you carry your mask. Thank you and God bless," Murkomen tweeted. 

His allegations come just hours after Makueni governor Kivutha Kibwana claimed that his house was also under surveillance.

The governor pointed out that the surveillance has compromised his electronic devices. 

"I am under close state surveillance. Drones hover over my official residence. Electronic gadgets in the house are compromised. As it was during Moi and NCEC, so it is now. I have repeatedly made this public and reported to authorities. I will not be intimidated," he tweeted.

Kibwana is among governors who have opposed the BBI report stating that it does meet all the interests from Kenyans. 

 "If the JUBILEE-ODM govt. does not facilitate a genuine national conversation on the proposed BBI law changes, I will be one among millions of Kenyans who oppose Handshake Constitution. Constitution 2010 must be saved and implemented fully… @StateHouseKenya as a measure of good faith, why can't the government through Cabinet and National Treasury announce that in the coming financial year 2021/2022 counties will be offered 35 percent of national revenue since this can be done without change of Constitution 2010," he posted.

Most of the governors have expressed opposition towards the creation of the office of the ombudsman as it threatens the independence of the judiciary.