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The PS has lately come under criticism from a section of leaders allied to Ruto.

Interior Principal Secretary Karanja Kibicho has told off leaders allied to Deputy President William Ruto for constantly attacking him and accusing him of intimidating aspirants.

Speaking to the press in Kirinyaga on Friday, when he was receiving new aspirants to the party, the PS said the county is his home and he won't stop participating in the choosing of its leaders.

"There is nobody who can deny me my rights to association and right to belong to Kirinyaga. Whether they speak from the rooftops, that is a birthright and nobody will take it from me."

{Interiro PS Karanja Kibicho. IMAGE: COURTESY}

He went on to add that he has huge interests in Kirinyaga county because the area is his home and all his relatives reside there.

He noted that he will play an active role in the choice of his leadership because all his investments are in Kirinyaga.

"I'm an interested party in Kirinyaga because this is where I was born. This is where I live, this is where my relatives are. I think there are very many daydreamers in this county thinking that I can be a bystander in the county that hosts all my relatives and all my investments. People just talk because saa zingine juu wako na mate kwa mdomo, wanaongea tuu ndo siku iendee," he said.

The PS has lately come under criticism from a section of leaders allied to Ruto.

Led by Ruto's digital strategist Dennis Itumbi, the leaders have claimed that the PS is intimidating aspirants vying on a UDA party ticket.

Itumbi has, however, never produced evidence of intimidation, something even PS Kibicho questioned its validity.

"You the people of the press, you have heard the intimidation reports, can someone come forward, just one person, and show how I intimidated him or her," he said.

Kibicho has been in Kirinyaga drumming up support for the ruling Jubilee party even as he welcomes the aspirants to the outfit.